NEW MUSIC VIDEO for ”THIS TIME” feat. Joss Stone

The amazing Danish animation artist, Sara Koppel, created this little film for the song, THIS TIME, from the DEVIL IS BACK album.

We gave Sara total creative freedom to do whatever she wanted. Check out the video, and check out her other work as well!


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2017 took the band and I to nine different countries!

THANK YOU to each and everyone who came out to a show, bought an LP, a CD, an mp3, or checked out the music on their Spotify or YouTube.

The fact that you care about what we do, means more to us than you probably know!

I promise to continue to put my heart and soul and all my hours into my music in 2018, and I would be honored if you keep following what we do and where we go!


…this video is from one of my 2017-highligts, the Focsani Blues Festival. 4000 people, in all ages, just having a ball together! This was my first time in Romania, -I hope we get a chance to come back!

PS. If you have videoes or photos from our 2017-concerts, we would love to see them…you are welcome to post them in this thread!


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Another concert review!

Concert Review: Düvier, Germany – November 4. 2017

Thank You, Wasser-Prawda for the kind words!

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Next Stop: Aschaffenburg!

Flyer Aschaffenburg

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Concert reviews from Dortmund and Düvier!

Musiktheater PIANO, Dortmund – November 3. 2017:


Düvier Bluesnacht – Bovember 4. 2017:




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