2017 took the band and I to nine different countries!

THANK YOU to each and everyone who came out to a show, bought an LP, a CD, an mp3, or checked out the music on their Spotify or YouTube.

The fact that you care about what we do, means more to us than you probably know!

I promise to continue to put my heart and soul and all my hours into my music in 2018, and I would be honored if you keep following what we do and where we go!


…this video is from one of my 2017-highligts, the Focsani Blues Festival. 4000 people, in all ages, just having a ball together! This was my first time in Romania, -I hope we get a chance to come back!

PS. If you have videoes or photos from our 2017-concerts, we would love to see them…you are welcome to post them in this thread!


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